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Our partnerships with car manufacturers

3+ years
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Racing Car Auto Union Type C


18 - 36 months
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Roadster Auto Union Type C


2 - 3 years
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Rider Mercedes W25 Silver Arrow


1 - 3 years
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Citroën Speedster La Petite Rosalie


2 - 4 years
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Rider Peugeot 402 Darl'Mat Beige


Our partnerships

A collection of partnerships to make old car enthusiasts swoon: Mercedes, Audi, Citroën, Peugeot... Discover our legendary replicas and treat your children!

Welcome to our exclusive category of automotive partnerships! We are proud to present an exceptional selection of licensed children's cars from some of the world's most iconic automotive brands. Discover these reinvented replicas of legendary vehicles that have made automotive history.


We've dreamed of making cars under Audi licence. Now it's a reality. Whether as a carrier or a toy, we have recreated an iconic car in the history of the automobile: the legendary Auto Union Type C, one of the famous Silver Arrows (along with Mercedes-Benz)! Created in 1936 by the unforgettable Ferdinand Porsche, and driven by Bernd Rosemeyer, the Auto Union Type C will go down in history. Rosemeyer became European champion driver at the wheel of this incredible car, and in 1937 set a speed record of over 406 km/h!


Immerse yourself in the world of the legendary Mercedes-Benz W25, a "Silver Arrow" that has conquered circuits the world over and made racing enthusiasts dream. Its metallic grey bodywork, aerodynamic curves and impressive track record make this replica a dream come true for little speed enthusiasts. The W25, the car that made Manfred Von Brauchitsch win so many times, in 1934 alone, is back in action for your little one.


Travel back in time with the Petite Rosalie, a miniature replica of Citroën's legendary car launched in 1933. This little marvel has become a veritable record-breaker, racking up over 100 world records, including the feat of driving non-stop for 300,000 kilometres on the Montlhéry circuit in the Paris region. Citroën is extremely proud to have chosen us to bring this legend to life in the form of a superb children's carrier.


Admire the timeless elegance of the Peugeot 402 Darl'Mat, a 1938 jewel that continues to captivate motoring enthusiasts. This exceptional car, built on the basis of the 302, took part in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans and is one of the rarest cars in existence, with only around thirty examples left in the world. In collaboration with Peugeot, we've recreated this icon in a carrier version so that your children can discover what it's like to drive behind the wheel of a legend.

... And more partnerships to come very soon!