Our history

Emmanuel Nouveau started from a childhood dream: to be a racing driver...
He saw himself travelling the world in cars with mythical names. With this dream in mind, he made it a reality, not as a pilot but by drawing for the children the cars that marked him so much and thus gave birth to Baghera in 1999. Baghera is a family business located near Paris, France. Every year, a team of talented and enthusiastic designers designs new pedal cars, carriers, small metal cars and wooden toys to the delight of toddlers.
Year after year, our collections of metal cars continue to travel around the world to make young and old dream.

Each model is the result of many hours of work.

From the conception to the design and the materials used, the team takes the greatest care to ensure all stages of manufacture, to guarantee the quality of the toys and the safety of the children. Resistant, the cars are designed to last and pass from generation to generation.

All our cars are designed in accordance with European conformity standards and have been subjected to extensive tests carried out by approved external laboratories.

Retro look, vintage style accessories, everything is done to ensure that your child, who is eager for adventure, can in turn be transported behind the wheel of his car.