Vintage bikes and balance bikes

3 - 6 years

Balance Bikes

Vintage balance bikes for a first approach to cycling

2 years plus

Children's bikes

Discover the bikes of our partner Bobbin for children between 2 and 8 years old!


Our balance bikes and bikes for children

Baghera's two-wheelers! In this special category, we wanted to combine our Baghera draisiennes with pedal bikes from the British brand Bobbin. Discover the right bike for your child, with or without pedals!

For the little ones, the Baghera draisiennes...

Our draisiennes are true to the spirit of our brand: they have a vintage look that gives them a specific identity.

Designed in France, like all our other products, our bikes are available in several colours, all with white wheels. What do they have in common? The saddle and handlebar grips are a nice camel colour that contrasts with their pastel colours.
All our draisiennes are height adjustable (saddle and handlebars) to accompany children between 3 and 6 years. To complete their look, they have a wicker basket so that your children can bring a bit of their world with them. Let's go for adventures!

... And for the older ones, Bobbin bikes!

We've crossed the Channel to bring you pedal bikes for older children! We are very pleased to have formed this partnership with the English at Bobbin and to be able to extend the choice offered on our site to children who are growing up.
Bobbin designs all their bikes in London, for children as well as for adults. We offer you a nice selection, handpicked, for children from 2 years old to 8 years old depending on the model, with or without small stabilizing wheels. Like Baghera, Bobbin offers models with an original retro design that will please both children and parents.

The bikes are made of steel, the saddles have a spring for more comfort and some even have a bell to add a little more style to the whole. Come and discover them, it's really worth it! You'll see, you'll like them as much as we do.