Reference: 844

Blue Rider — Vintage metal car

Reference: 844

Blue Rider — Vintage metal car

It is hard to go unnoticed behind the wheel of our Blue Rider! From 2 to 4 years old, your child will experience incredible adventures on their large format ride-on.

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Sport Collection: A maxi ride-on for champions with big ambitions!

Baghera Blue Rider: when elegance and colour come together

With its long electric blue metal silhouette, its grey and chrome maxi grille, and its black seat, our Blue Rider does not go unnoticed and so much the better!
It's so beautiful it would be a shame to miss it.
Even though we love the soft colours of our Pink and Snow White Riders , there's no denying the elegance of a bright colour! Your child will love this blue.

Sturdiness ensured

With all the adventures they are about to experience, all the getaways into imaginary valleys or enchanting lands, we need to provide your budding pilot with a robust partner.
This is what we have done with our Baghera metal vintage car.
The tyres ensure that the little vehicle stays on the road and moves silently (however, there is nothing to stop children from crying out with amazement). The metal body withstands the craziest races. The steering wheel, also made of metal, will take your child wherever they want to go. The kilometres will fly past, all without any fuel other than that which fires the imagination of your little one!

Boost motor skills with our ride-on

At the age of 2, your child is learning motor skills. Thanks to their rider, they will progress by leaps and bounds. First, they will understand the relationship between turning a steering wheel and changing their path, between pushing on their small legs and moving forward. They will then realize that they can move more or less quickly depending on how hard they push. Careful, it's going to be quite a ride!
They will also gradually become aware of the place they occupy in space thanks to their loyal mount.
All these fundamental things will be learnt without even being aware of it.
Parents, on the other hand, will witness all this progress, probably with a little emotion...

The perfect birthday present? A vintage metal car, of course!

Do you want to make a statement with your baby shower or birthday gift? Choose this Blue Rider! Refinement, colour, a useful toy that will be used for hours on end... What more could you ask for?
And why not offer one to an adult car enthusiast? Our Rider is an ultra-chic and original piece of decoration!

Age 2 - 4

Dimensions 90 x 38 x 41 cm

Weight 8 kg

Assembly Time 20 min

Seat height 33 cm

Blue Rider — Vintage metal car Mounting

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1. Adult assembly required. Presence of small parts that can be ingested. Choking hazard. Be sure to follow the assembly procedures.

2. Make sure to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the main parts.

3. Make sure the screws and bolts are tight before use.

4. This ride-on should be used under adult supervision. Single passenger only.

5. The toy should be used with caution since skill is required to avoid falls or collisions causing injury to the user or third parties.

6. Not suitable for children under 2 years old and should not be used by children over 4 years old, due to insufficient resistance.

7. This ride-on does not have brakes. Never use it on public roads, near streets, swimming pools, slopes, stairs, or on uneven grounds for jumps and stunts. Always wear shoes for its use.

8. Clean only with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use detergents.

A recognized brand

Baghera is a company founded in 1999.

Our family business was created, and is now led, by Emmanuel NOUVEAU. We are located near Paris in France. Our profession is the design and creation of high-quality, innovative products for children.

Surrounded by a team of talented and enthusiastic designers and for the delight of toddlers, we design numerous products and new pedal cars every year.

Each model is the result of many hours of work. Whether it is during the conception, design or tooling period, particular attention is paid to production quality and to children’s safety.

All of our cars comply with and are built in accordance to European standards and have been subjected to comprehensive testing, which has been carried out by accredited external laboratories.