Reference: 862

Pink balance bike - child's pedalless bike

Reference: 862

Pink balance bike - child's pedalless bike

Discover the new model of Baghera balance bike designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. With its pink color and retro look, this little bike without pedals is full of charm.

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Discover our pink Baghera balance bike designed with passion, for children from 3 to 6 years old in search of independence!

Pink Baghera balance bike: vintage is our hallmark

As you may have noticed, Baghera's personal touch is vintage style. With its pink colour and retro style, our little pedalless bike is no exception. Our balance bike exudes charm. Its wicker basket, saddle and handlebars are camel-coloured and perfectly match the pale pink of its metal structure.

The balance bike: a perfect springboard for a 'grown-up' bike

Pedalless cycling is among those children's play activities that improve their balance and help them to start taking measured risks to progress towards autonomy.
Your little girl or boy will gradually learn to put themselves in a situation of momentary imbalance to be able to move forward: with their feet initially rooted to the ground, they will have to lift them one after the other in order to move forward!
They will also understand that speed allows them to maintain their balance. This will greatly facilitate their capacity to learn to ride a classic bike as soon as they feel ready.

Safety and longevity for our pink pedalless bike

The height of the handlebar and saddle are adjustable to enable the balance bike to evolve with your child. Thanks to this, their balance bike will accompany them from the age of 3 to 6.
Like all our other vehicles, our bike is made of metal. It is robust to resist the feats of your little adventurers, but also to pass it on from one sister, brother or cousin to another. Baghera models are made to be handed down!

A gift that remains etched in memories

Offering a balance bike is not just a gift: it is a gift that allows a child to move forward, helps them grow and encourages their independence. And kids love that!
In addition, with its fine retro style, it's the king of gifts. Parents will fall for its style, that's for sure: it's hard not to love the wicker basket, the white tyres, and the contrast between the pink and camel colour of the upholstery!
If you prefer blue or beige , we also have what you are looking for. Take the time to make the best choice for the child that is so dear to you.

Age 3 - 6

Dimensions 40 x 56 x 86 cm

Weight 6 kg

Assembly Time 20 min

Seat height 38 à 48 cm

Pink balance bike - child's pedalless bike Mounting

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1. Remove all packaging before giving this toy to your child. Adult assembly required.

2. This balance bike should only be used in the presence of an adult, in a safe environment and on a level surface. Never use it on public roads, near streets, swimming pools, slopes, stairs or sloping walkway. <

3. Single passenger only. Its weight should not exceed 30 kg.

4. Protective equipment should be worn. We recommend wearing a properly attached helmet.

5. Not suitable for children under 3 years old and should not be used by children over 6 years old, due to insufficient resistance. Small parts. Danger of suffocation.

6. This balance bike is a toy. Please teach the child how to use it correctly and point out the possible dangers, in order to avoid any fall or collision or cause injury to himself or to a third party. This balance bike requires certain skills and should be used with care.

7. Clean only with a slightly damp cloth. Do not use detergents.

A recognized brand

Baghera is a company founded in 1999.

Our family business was created, and is now led, by Emmanuel NOUVEAU. We are located near Paris in France. Our profession is the design and creation of high-quality, innovative products for children.

Surrounded by a team of talented and enthusiastic designers and for the delight of toddlers, we design numerous products and new pedal cars every year.

Each model is the result of many hours of work. Whether it is during the conception, design or tooling period, particular attention is paid to production quality and to children’s safety.

All of our cars comply with and are built in accordance to European standards and have been subjected to comprehensive testing, which has been carried out by accredited external laboratories.