Reference: 493-00639

Racing Car Auto Union Type C

Reference: 493-00639

Racing Car Auto Union Type C

On the shelf of a collector or in the hands of an adventure-seeking child, our Racing Car Auto Union Type C, created in partnership with Audi, will bring joy! Suitable for children from 3 years onwards.

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A partnership with Audi to recreate a legendary car, in mini version

A partnership with Audi to recreate a legendary car, in a mini version

To manufacture a Racing Car under Audi license, it was a dream come true. And now, it's just a click away from arriving at your doorstep! But hold on, this is no ordinary car. It's the legendary Auto Union Type C, one of the famous Silver Arrows (alongside Mercedes-Benz)!

Created in 1936 by the renowned engineer Ferdinand Porsche and driven by Bernd Rosemeyer, the Auto Union Type C achieved incredible feats. Rosemeyer became the European champion driver behind the wheel of this exceptional car, and in 1937, he set a speed record by surpassing 406 km/h!

A small toy car to leave boredom behind

The little toy car is the ultimate weapon against boredom for the little ones. Ultra convenient as it fits anywhere, our little Racing Car Auto Union Type C is not only easy to carry, but also incredibly elegant! It has the power to quickly turn your child into an automobile enthusiast and ignite their desire to start a collection. Starting with a Silver Arrow is already stepping into the big leagues.

The Racing Car Auto Union Type C appeals to both young and old alike

Suitable for children from 3 years onwards, the Racing Car Auto Union Type C is not just meant to delight the little ones! It also aims to bring joy to adults. Made of ABS, a highly durable material, hand-polished and lacquered, our little toy car deserves its place not only in the hands of a child but also in the collection of an adult, alongside other prestigious cars.

Furthermore, one doesn't exclude the other, and we can easily envision parents and children playing together with our Racing Car, creating unforgettable memories as a family!

A car that is not afraid of speed

Thanks to its ultra-resistant material and large rubber wheels, our little car, like our other toys, can embark on countless adventures! High-speed races, warm-up laps, crashes—nothing fazes it. Both boys and girls will quickly adopt it and make it their favorite playmate. The little car truly is the timeless toy par excellence! Enjoy it, and you're guaranteed to bring joy!

Age 3+

Dimensions 21 x 9.5 x 7 cm

Weight 0.3 kg


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