Reference: 482-00643

Racing Car Blue

Reference: 482-00643

Racing Car Blue

Here is our Racing Car Bleue, the perfect little toy car for children from one year old ! She is ready to see the miles go by!

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DescriptionFeatures and characteristics
A dream car within reach!

A small vintage car ready for any stunt

Our blue Racing Car is in keeping with the Baghera spirit: its silhouette is reminiscent of old racing cars. Big wheels, a huge radiator on the front of the vehicle, a retro helmet on the driver's head, all the elements are there thanks to our talented design team. 

Because we know that small cars are made to endure a number of pile-ups and stunts, we've done what's necessary to give you a solid car.

Why buy your child toy cars?

Of course, the first reason is probably the best. Because it will make them happy!

But there are also many other advantages: 

- you can take a toy car anywhere. On a trip, in a restaurant, at a long family meal, in the doctor's waiting room... It is your little one's anti-boredom companion; 
- it is a game that can be played alone as well as with others; 
- toy cars facilitate the learning of concentration and motor skills;
- they also develop the imagination. Why not create a track with them? You don't need to buy one, you just need to have a little imagination too!

The beginning of a beautiful collection... for young and old

Red, green, blue, and metallic grey, you can have fun with our Racing Cars! Whether for a baby (our little cars are usable from 1 year old), a child, a teenager, or an adult who is passionate about cars, our toys will look great. 

They will be perfect for playing for hours on end, as well as for sitting on a shelf and accessorising a desk or a living room. 

Give our Blue Racing Car as a gift, the little toy car that has class!

With its structure made of ABS, a very resistant material, and with its lacquered and hand-polished paint, our blue Racing Car is the pride of Baghera. We know that it will delight the person who receives it as a gift! 

It's perfect for a birthday, a christening or even a stag party! With its streamlined shape and retro look, it has all the makings of something great!

Age 12m+

Dimensions 18 x 10 x 9 cm

Weight 0.2 kg


A recognized brand

Baghera is a company founded in 1999.

Our family business was created, and is now led, by Emmanuel NOUVEAU. We are located near Paris in France. Our profession is the design and creation of high-quality, innovative products for children.

Surrounded by a team of talented and enthusiastic designers and for the delight of toddlers, we design numerous products and new pedal cars every year.

Each model is the result of many hours of work. Whether it is during the conception, design or tooling period, particular attention is paid to production quality and to children’s safety.

All of our cars comply with and are built in accordance to European standards and have been subjected to comprehensive testing, which has been carried out by accredited external laboratories.